Republican Businesswoman Leah Aldridge Announces Candidacy for State Senate District Six

(Atlanta)—Republican business owner and attorney Leah Aldridge announced Tuesday that she will be a candidate for State Senate District Six. The incumbent, Senator Hunter Hill, is running for governor.

“I am running, first and foremost, to bring conservative solutions to the challenges facing Georgia”, said Aldridge.  “Most immediately, I want to lend my business and legal experience to addressing healthcare, tax reform (particularly property tax reform) and small business development.”

As a small healthcare business owner, it is healthcare that is closest to home for Leah. “The lingering uncertainty with healthcare, stemming from the inaction in Washington, puts many Georgians in limbo, and has escalated their vulnerability to serious health conditions.  I’ll work for conservative solutions to the problems we face in health care,” said Aldridge. “I’ve specialized much of my professional and personal work in the field of healthcare and passionately believe we can succeed with state-based reforms to lower costs, increase access to care and bring more competition to the market.”

Regarding taxes, Aldridge says “Homeowners need property tax relief, period. Homeowners in Atlanta and Fulton County, in particular, are being hurt, and property tax levels are unsustainable if we want stable neighborhoods. As state senator, I’ll support state legislation to raise the homestead exemption for homeowners, which will mean real property tax relief to hundreds of thousands of people,” said Aldridge. “It’s time we invest more in people and the private sector and less in government.”


And lastly says Aldridge, “Less government means more small business success.  We need to drive jobs and innovation with our policies, not bureaucracy and red tape.”


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