Marietta Daily Journal, “Around Town”, 2/16/18

As reported in the Marietta Daily Journal, “Around Town”, 2/16/18:


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SENATE DISTRICT 6: Buckhead Republican Leah Aldridge, who ran last year when Hunter Hill resigned his state Senate seat to run for governor, is making another go at it.

Aldridge came in third out of eight in the special election for Hill’s seat, a seat ultimately won by Democrat Jen Jordan of Buckhead.

She received 18.4 percent of the vote, behind Democrat Jaha Howard’s 22.5 percent and Jordan’s 24.4 percent.

More Republicans cast votes in that election than Democrats: 12,179 to 11,838. But since it was a special election without a primary, the five Republican candidates diluted the Republican vote, causing Democrats Howard and Jordan to advance to a runoff, with Jordan winning.

But that’s not stopping Aldridge, owner of Atlanta Breastfeeding Consultants, LLC, from trying again.

“There are real differences between Jen Jordan and me on the issues. I look forward to highlighting for the voters of the Sixth District on these very real and contrasting views,” she said in a news release.

What are some of those differences, Around Town inquired?

“I believe in lowering taxes and in returning to our hard working Georgians the so-called state ‘tax windfall’ that will result from the recent federal tax relief law,” Aldridge said.

She also believes in lowering the cost of health insurance through state-based solutions rather than propping up what she described as the failure of Obamacare.

“I don’t believe in a big government state, but in a state government that promotes job creation,” she said. “Increasing government regulations and interference, like a large minimum wage increase, kills jobs. I believe that when government gets out of the way, businesses and families thrive.”

Aldrige holds a law degree from Emory University School of Law. She previously worked as an attorney with Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, where she specialized in health care mergers and acquisitions.

She and her husband, Gee, have three children who attend The Westminster Schools of Atlanta. The family attends Peachtree Presbyterian Church.




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