Common Sense Support for Small Businesses

Now more than ever we need new legislators with experience balancing budgets and running businesses. As the owner of Atlanta Breastfeeding Consultants, LLC, a clinic serving new mothers and babies, I understand the importance of creating jobs and innovation with our policies, not bureaucracy and red tape.

A Real Plan For Property Tax Relief

Many families in our district have faced outrageous property tax hikes. I support capping property tax valuations or freezing property assessments, together with increasing our homestead exemption. These solutions promote stable neighborhoods and will mean real property tax relief to hundreds of thousands of Georgians. Property taxes will be my first priority as your Senator.

A Real Plan For Income Tax Relief

As senator I will fight to cut the state income tax to a flat 5.5%. We must keep Georgia competitive with surrounding states.

A Georgia Solution for Healthcare

Washington’s inaction with healthcare hurts Georgia. I have specialized much of my career in the field of healthcare – both as an attorney with Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, and as a provider – and know that state based reforms will lower costs, increase access to care and bring more competition to the market. I will seek Georgia solutions for Georgia healthcare challenges.


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